Pray for the World: Cayman Islands

Cayman Islands Flag


During our intercessory prayer time every Sunday morning, we select one country to bring to the congregation’s attention. During this time of prayer, we lift up to God the people of that country and their leaders. We pray for their salvation, their protection and their physical needs. Here on the Westwood Blog, you’ll be able to view those prayer needs, as well as download a prayer card to print and keep in sight.

Cayman Islands 

Location: Three coral islands south of Cuba

Population: Approximately 53,015

Peoples: Residents come from 120+ nations

Religion: Freedom of Religion

Government: The Cayman Islands are a British Territory.

                        Governor: Helen Kilpatrick

                         Premier: Alden McLaughlin

cayman map

Prayer Needs 

(1) Strong, healthy, vibrant churches and Christians who reach people and sew the gospel seed to those around them. Pray for the government and the people to hold fast to the Christian values.

(2) The witnessing opportunity to the million plus tourists a year that visit the islands. Pray for many to be confronted by the claims of Christ.

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