Christian Immaturity


There are at least two ways to examine our lives and then make changes. We can know the high standard of holiness and pursue it. And, we can know patterns of ungodliness, and then try to root them out of our daily living.

Here are some signs of Christian immaturity (adapted from a post by Mike Leake):

  • Too much time is spent on matters of indifference.

In America there is so much freedom and excess that we get carried away in it. Undisciplined liberty leads to a loss of priority.

  • One is strong in emotion and feelings, but not equally strong in truth.

We should speak the truth in love as the Bible teaches in Ephesians 4:15. A good example of this was Jesus’ encounter with the woman caught in adultery. He dealt tenderly with her. He did not give a word of authoritative condemnation. Yet, he clearly called her to not sin anymore.

  • One cannot endure a rebuke, a criticism, or any disagreement.

This is a sure sign of one’s willingness to not be open to true growth and learning. This kind of immature attitude assumes the person is never wrong, and always has the best position on every thing under the sun.

  • You trust God with your soul, but not with your daily life.

This reality is rampant in Christian circles. We want forgiveness of sins and a guarantee of heaven after death, but we do not want God to take control of our sex lives, our money, and how we spend our free time.

(Photo Credit: Matthew Wiebe)

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