Reading Through the Bible

Though January has already begun, I’d like to invite you to join with me in reading through the Bible together in 2016. In 2015, we decided to read through the Bible together, and we dedicated most of our Wednesday night Bible studies to discussing our weekly readings.

I recently received an email from one of our church members who moved away last year. She specifically mentioned that she was thankful that she was thankful that we had decided to read through the Bible together as a church. She said no matter where she was physically, she felt connected to our church spiritually because of the daily Bible readings we had in common

There are many other benefits to reading through the Bible in a year. Author and speaker Melissa Kruger gave some insights as to why we should read through the Bible. Here’s some highlights:

  • We go to places in the Bible we would not normally go. Some of the texts are difficult for us to understand, yet God in His wisdom revealed them to us that we might be equipped for every good work. So, when we’re stuck in Leviticus or Numbers, we can remember that those words are just as important as the ones found in the Gospels.
  • We learn new and unexpected things about God. Kruger says, “We must wrestle with the God who forgives David for murder, but condemns Uzzah for touching the ark when the oxen stumbled (1 Chronicles 13:9). A full read through forces us to reflect upon all aspects of God’s character and allows us to know Him in new ways.”
  • It helps us see the big picture. We can fully see God’s redemptive plan instead of using the Bible a self-help manual. While the Bible certainly helps us to be a better spouse or better parent, the Bible is fundamentally about God—not us.
  • We grow in our relationship with God. Scripture is how God interacts with and speaks to us today. If we want to know Him, then we need to listen to Him with regularity.

This year, instead of asking you to read one specific plan, I just want you to pick one that fits your reading style. Below are some links to different reading plans. I pray you decide to join me in this spiritual discipline, and I know God will bless you in this pursuit. I’d love to hear from you as you pick one and read.

– Pastor Jason

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